Will & Living Trusts


Any part, percentage or component of an estate or trust assets can be left to the College of Eastern Idaho Foundation.

It is important that the appropriate naming language be used in the will or trust, such as: “I hereby leave (amount, percentage, asset or remainder) to College of Eastern Idaho Foundation, Inc., an Idaho nonprofit corporation with principal offices in Idaho Falls, Idaho, for the (insert specific program, fund, or endowment or for the general benefit of a specific campus).”

While wills and bequests are great ways to give and help reduce estate and inheritance taxes, they provide no immediate income tax advantages. More sophisticated giving agreements can provide immediate income tax benefits, provide consistent income for the life of the donor, or others designated by the donor, reduce estate and inheritance taxes and provide significant support for the programs and activities of College of Eastern Idaho. Charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts and other legal agreements may appear to be complex, but are easily established and we are experienced in managing them.

It just takes a little planning to create substantial tax savings and provide a lasting legacy for a donor and their family.