How To Write A Scholarship Essay

Most institutions want to know what your general degree goals are. Write and SAVE one essay that articulates the following areas well, and then tweak the essay to apply for other scholarship opportunities. Students should apply for multiple scholarships.

Explain your educational goals:

What do you want to study? What career do you want to pursue and why? Where do you want to go to school and why?

List your accomplishments:

Include any ways you contribute to your school, home, church, and community. Examples: clubs, sports, honors, awards, responsibilities, jobs, community service, etc.

Explain how this scholarship will assist you in accomplishing your educational goal:

Examples: Parents can’t afford college for you, you won’t have to have a job while going to school, you will be able to get more involved with academics/clubs, etc.

Explain what makes you stand out above the rest:

Examples: What obstacles have you overcome? What motivates you to do your best? Describe your family/life experiences.