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You can make a significant difference in the education and life experiences of College of Eastern Idaho students, faculty, and our local community. Your contribution, regardless of its amount, can help us provide a local option for education, industry, and economic development.

Whether you choose to support students through scholarships or assist in developing new programs that support our local economy, every contribution has an impact, so please consider giving today. You can also use the form below to assist with The Great Race for Education, our primary scholarship fundraiser.

Use our safe, easy, and secure online payment process! Or read more about other ways to donate. Either way, you can help us change a life in our community through education. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Funding Priorities

Is there a specific impact you want to make? If so, here are the CEI Foundation’s specific fundraising priorities.

scholarship support


A degree or certificate from CEI can make a huge difference in the quality of life for a graduate and the generations that follow. But life can throw challenges at even the most determined student who has a plan for their future. Sometimes a financial award is all a student needs to have the confidence necessary to stay in school and complete their degree or certificate. It is the College of Eastern Idaho’s stated goal to help students graduate with little to no education debt.

You can be the difference in someone’s success by creating an endowed scholarship, fund an annual scholarship in your name, a loved one’s name, or the name of your business, or you can give to the CEI Foundation General Scholarship Fund that will be used to help a deserving student.

program support

Program Support

CEI’s academic programs need you. Donors make the difference between programs that are good and those that are great. This area of need is varied and interesting. Financial support to CEI’s programs through the CEI Foundation might include microscopes for the health profession courses, welding or construction equipment, upgrades to the Testing Center, help for students in the ESL programs, consumables for Workforce Training courses, and many other areas.

Future Tech

Ask anyone in the know about the future economy of eastern Idaho and they will tell you technician jobs by the thousands are on their way to our area. CEI wants as many of those jobs as possible to go to people who already live here. CEI, your community college, is uniquely positioned to properly train future workers. The key is to have an adequate training facility to get thousands of people ready and into the workforce. Currently, such a facility is not available at CEI. In fact, we are the only public institution of higher education in Idaho without this kind of building.

As the name implies, the Future Tech Building, the first new building on the CEI campus in more than 15 years, will house technology programs such as radiation safety, cybersecurity, manufacturing, electronic systems technology, and many more. Since technology is constantly changing, this building will be created to “pivot” to the shifting needs of students and industry through the years.

This will have a HUGE and POSITIVE impact on people and our economy. To be a part of this rare opportunity, please contact the Foundation.

Ways to donate

making an online donation


Use our safe, easy, and secure online payment process to donate! Thank you for your donation.

money in wallet


Cash gifts qualify for tax deductions and credits. Avoid capital gain taxes on appreciated stock sales.

scholarship award


Create an endowment and we will utilize the earnings for CEI fund support on a continual basis.

person giving a gift


There is no better way to leave a legacy in our community than through planned giving.

signing a document


Any part, percentage, or component of an estate or trust assets can be left to the CEI Foundation.